Underdogs SA is a registered Non Profit Organization that is involved in the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of abused, unwanted and neglected Pit Bulls. Whilst our interest initially started in working with all rescue animals, we saw a greater need to specialize in working with Pit Bulls. Underdogs SA has taken on an exceptional approach towards the welfare and care of these loving dogs. We pride ourselves in giving this breed of dog a well deserved chance for a loving and caring future.

What the organization does

Underdogs SA specializes in the rescuing, rehabilitation and re-homing of this wonderful breed of dog. We help educate the community on how to understand the needs of these dogs. We help the community by utilizing their time and understanding, enabling their growth of knowledge about pit bulls and their characteristics, at the same time we provide a complete honest approach reducing the ill practice in the animal community. We like to provide a safe environment in which these dogs will receive the best possible treatment, attention, love and care they need and deserve as well as animal behavior skills. Underdogs SA is very adaptable, no challenge is too big, as our team is willing to go the extra mile!

Vision statement

Underdogs SA aim to rehabilitate and re-home abandoned, neglected and unwanted Pit Bulls. We support owners in distress and offer a personal service to owners and animals alike. Our aim is to educate the public to eradicate ignorance about this specific breed of dog. Underdogs SA present a breath of fresh air by engaging in activities that allows these dogs the freedom for a nurtured future. We aim to facilitate the adoption of these dogs to ensure they find a caring and loving home. Underdogs SA actively promotes sterilization programs and to ensure that every dog is identifiable by a microchip.

Mission statement

Underdogs SA uses an efficient course of action to meet the Pit Bull's needs by streamlining the process with good honest management in order to reach our goals. Underdogs SA delivers a valued service to its dogs in a respectable manner with love and care.

Organization goals & objectives

Underdogs SA aims to establish a successful rescue organization that revolves around a reliable community to help raise funds for the Pit Bull’s needs, such as food, shelter and a rehabilitation center. Every dog deserves a loving and caring home and we will do everything in our power to find each and every animal in our care a home.
Underdogs SA will look after all their dogs and makes sure that they are comfortable and well fed. When the dogs are strong and healthy, new homes are found for them.

  • These dogs are never sold, people, who give them good homes, adopt these animals by making a donation towards their upkeep, sterilization, vaccinations and medical treatment.
  • Even after the adoption and re-homing of a dog from Underdogs, this dog remains the property of Underdogs and may not be sold or given to another person without the prior consent and approval of Underdogs SA.
  • Should the person adopting the animals be unable to keep the animal anymore, the animal has to be given back to Underdogs South Africa with all the proper documentation.
  • We will carefully inspect the property where the animal is to be homed to ensure that it is adequate for this breed of dog.
  • No adult dog will be adopted before it has been sterilized and will ensure that all puppies adopted from Underdogs SA are sterilized when it reaches the appropriate age.
  • We will assist the new owners with the introduction of the animal into their home should they have other animals and where otherwise necessary and advise the new owners on the feeding and care of the dog.
  • Underdogs SA will follow up on adoptions by doing a post-adoption inspection of the dog in its new environment whenever we see necessary.
  • All our dogs must always have adequate shelter, food, water care and exercise, they may not be kept chained for any reason and may not be kept locked in a cage.
  • No dog may be mutilated for any reason other than a medical one and the procedure must then be performed by a registered veterinarian.
  • Sterilization of the dogs is vital to the control of the animal population and advocates that this sterilization happens as early as possible unless there are medical reasons to the contrary.

Service Pledge

Being an organization with the love for animals, Underdogs SA takes pride in its opportunity in helping these under privileged dogs. Underdogs SA use innovation and processes of a premier standard and provide guaranteed commitment to all our Pit Bulls. We create lasting mutually beneficial relationships with the community by going the extra mile and priding ourselves on our love and integrity in our hard work to saving this breed. Underdogs SA is a responsible, caring organization signifying every relationship we share, be it with the community and our pit bulls.


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