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We are not a rehoming organisation


This is exactly what we do. And its so important for the public to know. We are not a rehoming organisation. We are a Pit bull rescue and Rehabilitation centre.

We had Pit bulls that have been shot, been fought, been badly abused, pups who’s ears been cut with scissors, Pit bulls kicked and chained with no faith in any humans, but after our rehab program they been 100% and got adopted with no issues.

Even some of our pits thats been very dog aggressive used to no socialising and wrong training and even used as bait dogs is now adopted into a loving forever home with other animals after they successfully been completed our program.

Sandy PostlethwaytWe are not a rehoming organisation


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  • Natasha - August 27, 2018 reply

    Good morning,

    Who do you use for sterilization?
    Want to take my Pitbulls for sterilization.
    I stay in Pta.

  • Marietjie Cronje - September 21, 2018 reply

    Is jock still available. We would love to adopt him .

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